Coastal Beauties

Indian Isles and the Coasts

Exotic beaches, emerald waters, they don’t sound like something you’d find in India. But
surprisingly, that’s exactly what the unexplored island destinations of India offer; wild
and unspoilt beaches that are yet uncharted, and dazzling waters teeming with vibrant
corals and beautiful fish.
Come to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands with us to see the largest sea turtles in the
world, the Dermocheleys Coriacea. Join us on a trip to the Lakshadweep islands that
have been listed in WWFs list of outstanding areas of biodiversity.
With over two-thirds of the country covered in coastlines, India has so much to offer;
from serene beaches in Kerala and Pondicherry, to the welcoming waters of Goa and
Tamil Nadu. Join us on a voyage of discovery and adventure, rest and relaxation as we
take you to the delights of India.