Mountain retreats

Mountain Retreats

The will to dare, the desire go higher, the exhilaration of the climb, all brought on by the call of the
mountains. From the snow-laden Himalayas to the Western and Eastern Ghats in the South, India
offers the adventurer, the thrill-seeker and the nature lover the memories of a lifetime. The beautiful Blue Mountains or Nilgiris, Ooty, and Kodaikanal are covered with rolling tea
plantations; while Coorg and Chikmagalur are sprawling with coffee estates. Yercaud meaning Lake
Forest, also known as the ‘Jewel of the South’, with its picturesque lake forests and abundance of
fruit trees is a paradise for trekkers and hikers. Wayannad in the Eastern Ghats is home to amazing
wildlife and ancient caves just waiting to be explored.
And we can’t forget the Sahyadris, India’s gatekeepers on the West, unmatched in biodiversity and
beauty. From the North to the South, you can retreat to these majestic mountains of India, for rest,
for adventure, for peace.